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[S1E9] Bad Judgment

This was nothing more than a Wacey pursues Sheridan episode. I felt it was poor judgment to have an entire episode with Wacey chasing Sheridan. They went from the house to the woods, to the barn to the stable, and back to the house. I was exhausted by the end of the episode. It seems the chase will carry over to the finale as well.

[S1E9] Bad Judgment

Because of Chuck's EHS, the next morning Howard Hamlin prepares for Chuck and Jimmy's arrival at HHM by confiscating cell phones and shutting off the electricity. Howard offers Jimmy twenty percent of the final settlement or judgment and a $20,000 of counsel fee but makes clear that Jimmy will not continue working on the case. Jimmy angrily demands to know why he is always excluded from the firm. When Howard does not answer, Jimmy keeps the case. Kim Wexler confronts Howard, who resists telling her the reason for his actions, but then confides the truth.

The following morning, Kim fixes Jimmy breakfast and tells him that she has called in sick in order to help him convalesce at home. Still suffering from trauma, Jimmy becomes agitated when Kim puts peeled oranges through a blender and spills his cereal. Later, as Jimmy sits at the couch with his feet in a pan of water, he and Kim begin watching a movie together. Jimmy, however, remains restless. Soon he receives a call on his cell phone from a client; he initially turns him away but is quickly persuaded to end the convalescence early to deal with a matter concerning a plea deal. Trying to reach out to Jimmy, Kim plainly states that she knows he is lying about what happened in the desert and tells him she will be ready and non-judgmental when he decides to tell her the truth. Jimmy deflects Kim's probing by admitting that he was forced to drink his own urine on the journey back home. Jimmy insists that he is okay and that he doesn't want to talk about the matter again. 041b061a72


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